Snail Sticker


About ~ “Snail Sticker” was inspired by the giant slugs I saw in Oregon! I’ve always thought snails were cute and very alien-like. This snail is from my original watercolor illustration, “Flying with Rose.”

The Process ~ Initially, I sketch out my ideas in thumbnails, considering the composition. Then, I collect reference and inspiration and settle on a final sketch idea. I begin the final painting by lightly drawing my sketch with an HB pencil. Then, I’ll go over the drawing with watercolor and colored pencil.

This cute sticker will instantly turn anything you put it on into a whimsical object!

Sticker Size:

3″ x 3.75″


Quality, water-proof, clear stickers printed with white ink behind the design to preserve opacity. Perfect for windows, bottles, and phone cases.

There may be slight color variations on different monitors or devices.
Shipped securely using USPS.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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