“Cat Pattern”


About ~ I created “Cat Pattern” as an ode to my love for cats. Especially multiple cats at one time. Cats are so lovable and playful, I wanted to capture that in one painting.

The Process ~ Initially, I sketch out my ideas in thumbnails, considering the composition. Then, I collect reference and inspiration and settle on a final sketch idea. I begin the final painting by lightly drawing my sketch with an HB pencil. Sometimes I’ll use masking fluid to reserve my light areas then begin building up the watercolor paint, making sure to keep the colors strong and vibrant.

This signed print will brighten up any room and add a touch of playfulness! A great gift for anyone who loves cats and creativity!

Print Sizes:

Standard: (For easy framing)
Small ~ 7″ x 5″
Medium ~ 10″ x 8″

Even Margins: (Trimmed into squares)
Small ~ 5″ x 5″
Medium ~ 8″ x 8″

Archival quality print from my original watercolor painting, “Cat Pattern.” This print can be framed (not included) or displayed as is.

These prints will last for decades in normal home displays, are made to order for you and shipped securely using USPS.

There may be slight color variations on different monitors or devices.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Dimensions N/A
What size print would you like?

Small, Medium

Would you like this print in a standard size for easier framing, or trimmed for even margins?

Standard Size (Easier to frame), Even Margins (Trimmed)


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